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About us

Federico Dinelli, Margherita Cattabeni, Feludei Jewelry Shop Positano

100% Made in Italy, is our motto.

Here we are: Federico and Margherita, a couple in life and in work.

Federico is a gemologist, he has worked in the luxury market for over thirty years, collaborating with Italian and international leading companies of watches and high jewelry.

Margherita has held for many years key roles in the best-known companies in the Italian fashion system.

We decided to combine our expertise and passion for beauty and jewelry, and in 2008 we opened our first store Feludei in Positano, and then in 2011 the second store Felù, always in Positano. Two jewelry stores in which we propose an unique selection of Italian gold and silver jewels.

High quality, design, attention to the customer are our key points.

We look forward to seeing you,
Federico Dinelli and Margherita Cattabeni

Positano panoramaFoto di jimmyweee - Licenza CC

The legend of Positano

The legend says that the love of Poseidon for the nymph Pasitea pushed the god of the trident to found Positano on the cliffs overlooking the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean.

We like to believe that, and we wanted to pay tribute to that eternal love by taking the trident as our symbol to represent the love and the passion that we put every day in selecting jewels for our stores.

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